Test infrastructure

Quality is the result of an uninterrupted chain of optimised processes in the product life cycle. Test automation plays an important role in ensuring the quality of the product, both in the development phase and during production. This requires a high-performance test infrastructure.

Function test:

We use the function test to stimulate automated hardware components much more thoroughly than during normal operation. The basis for our test is the operating system used for the product. We also carry out the necessary driver extensions for you.

Our function test delivers sound information about the performance and stability of the whole system. It can be applied during product development, as part of the final inspection, during the run-in in production, and when analysing returned goods.

In contrast to purely hardware-oriented testing procedures, like the In-Circuit Test (ICT) or Boundary Scan Test, our function test also includes the behaviour of the operating system, its underlying drivers, and the interoperability between the drivers and the hardware. Updating the software components in your embedded system is just as easy.



With ASmartFlow, our sequence control system, we organise flexible test sequences for the function test using XML scripts. Using plug-ins for controlling sensors and actuators, ASmartFlow can be upgraded to a powerful testing system.