We bring hardware and software together in unison.

Astute Logic – your reliable partner for innovative solutions in embedded systems!

Embedded systems are computers that are customised specifically for a particular use with relation to hardware requirements, energy consumption, real-time capability and operational reliability.

This is where we come into play. Working with you, we go through your functional and quantitative requirements for the whole system and develop a solution tailor-made for you – no matter what sector you’re in!

Hardware and software have a strong effect on one another. Our main expertise lies in understanding and mastering these interactions. We eliminate the barrier between hardware and software.

We bring hardware and software together in unison across all sectors: for example, in automotive and pharmaceutical industry, medical technology, plant and mechanical technology, information and communication technology, energy engineering and aerospace engineering. We offer services regarding testing-procedures / error-analysis, analyzing, validating and porting, software development, firmware development, measurement technology, engineering, documentation and hardware development.

 The advantage for you as a customer:

  • Optimum design, because some functions can only be implemented in hardware or software
  • Error analyses using the most efficient methods and tools in electronic and software development
  • Highly efficient products thanks to full realisation of hardware performance