A holistic solutions provider

As a holistic solutions provider for advanced embedded systems, we develop hardware and software components under one roof. Our core expertise lies in solving problems that arise from the interplay between software and hardware. To do this, we merge the classic disciplines of hardware and software development.

Astute Logic creates tailor-made complete solutions or, as an experienced and innovative development service provider, supports you individually in all phases of your product’s development.

Our experience, our expertise and our development skills lie in software technology, electronics and microprocessor technology. Our services for embedded systems can be implemented across all sectors: for example, in automation technology, automotive, telecommunication, medical technology, the pharmaceutical industry, energy engineering, aerospace engineering, and many other industries.

At Astute Logic, specialists with different areas of expertise work closely together to find the optimal solutions to complex and often interdisciplinary problems.

We remain in constant contact with our customers so that we can react quickly and flexibly to changing demands. For us, customer satisfaction is paramount.